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How We Work – Seeds of Hope Uganda

How We Work

We like to think that Seeds of Hope looks at the child’s needs overall rather than just their education. A child is identified as being vulnerable and in need and then we look at the support system around the child – i.e. family, home life, etc. This allows us to see how best we can help. Some children quite straightforwardly need their school fees paid, whilst others need to be removed from their family situation due to being at risk, and placed in a boarding school. Other children need to be taught life-skills – i.e. dressmaking, farming, etc. to allow them to earn a living, as mainstream education is not right for them. In some cases, it might be a start-up business grant to enable a young person with a good idea to get started.

We know our program makes a difference to the whole community, as a community without hope is a desperate place to be. In a place like Kumi, where every day is a struggle to survive, due to lack of food, lack of water, and lack of money, to know first-hand that other people from around the world are coming to help is bringing hope. We can’t touch every life, but by touching one life at a time, the sense of hope grows stronger. Our dream is to equip some of these young people so that in turn they can sow back into their communities.

How do we identify the children?

Seeds of Hope’s work is facilitated in Kumi by a local Pastor, Ben Okello, and Robinah Etiang. This amazing pair are the ones who identify the children and their needs and then inform us of what needs to be done. This also allows us to have updates throughout the Year each child and their progress.

Both Pastor Ben and Robinah are proactive in looking closely into the situations of the families Seeds comes into contact with. They take the time to ensure that the children on our programme are really benefiting from the support and that the child’s family embrace the opportunities that are opened up for their son or daughter.

Here at Seeds we take a very holistic approach and every child is treated as an individual.

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