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Seeds of Hope is currently partnered with Mission Direct

This means that we use Mission Direct to accept donations and sponsorship fees.

You can give for any of the following:

  • To sponsor a village child  (£25 per month)
  • To sponsor a COHAD Mummy (£35 per month)
  • Make a one-off-donation towards a sustainable project at COHAD
  • Donate anything from £1.50 for mosquito nets to save lives.

The link below takes  you directly to the Mission Direct giving page for Seeds of Hope. It is important that you use the link below as it ensures that the money you give will be directed into the Seeds of Hope Account. Please do not use the general Mission Direct giving page as it will make it harder to administrate your gift.

There is a note box in which you can identify the purpose of your gift and leave us your email address.

When you choose to sponsor a child or a mummy we will email you with information about your sponsored person, starting what we hope will be a special relationship. You will be invited to write to your sponsored person, and should you choose you can send photographs.

If you are a UK Taxpayer, please remember to use the tick box to enable us to claim Gift Aid on your donation.