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Nelson Echimu

Age: 13 Years old
Nelson is delighted to be back at school after being on the streets. He is boarding at Bukedea Primary School. 

He stays with his grandmother during holidays.

He loves playing football, volleyball and he is a darling at school, all the administration knows him and has hope in doing better for the national examinations in future. Nelson doesn’t have time for his street boys friends anymore, every time he comes back from the village, he only thinks of going back to school.

Joel Omoding

Age: 14 Years old
Location: Lives with family in Bukedea, going to boarding school
Aim of sponsorship: Seeds fund 50% of Joels fee’s working along side with his family.

Joel is a kind hard working boy, who is living with his mother. Has had ongoing issues with Malaria that have affected his education. With Seeds of Hope support and regular health checks we are hoping to see him thrive at school.

Samual Otichokor

Age: 11 Years old
Location: Boarding School
Aim of sponsorship: To get him through school and keep safe.

Sam has a very chaotic home life with his mother. Young mother with lots of children. Because of severe neglect he was tried to be relocated to an orphanage, however he kept running away back to his mother. The decision was made to put him in boarding school with support at home during the holidays, this appears to be working well. Samual is now very settled.

Ivan Okello

Ivan studies at Ngora Primary School and is in P5

He stays with the mother in Ngora where he foots to school, distance which is walkable.

He likes playing football with the other children where he is recognised for his football talents, entertaining everyone by telling local stories and fables.

He is a cheeky and chatty young boy and is doing well thanks to your help. Thankfully both his and his Mother’s legs have fully recovered after they broke them last year and we pray that they continue to remain healthy and strong, especially as they currently face challenges and disputes concerning the land in their village which we hope will settle soon.

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