Where Money Goes

Out of  the money we raise or are given in sponsorship, about 10% goes into administration which includes the following: Costs Robinah and Santos’ salaries, Ugandan bank charges, transport fees for visits to the children, wifi access and writing materials. We also have a rented property providing an office base for Robinah and Santos, as well as a meeting place for the street children  This office allows for Robinah to store vital essentials that she takes to to the children and to have meetings with families etc.  SoH bulk buys all of the scholastic materials and equipment needed for the day and boarding children and store this at the property.  We are also hoping to run a small shoe repair and manufacturing business from the property in the near future.

Robinah will travel anything up to a 2 hour radius to go to visit the children both in their homes and their schools. She meets with the teachers and parents/guardians in all cases at least once every school term.

The other 90% goes to pay for healthcare, accommodation, food, transport and clean water.

From the UK side  all of the administration, planning and fundraising is carried out by volunteers – there are no UK administration costs other than banking transactions.

We hope that you can see how hard we are working to ensure that every penny that you donate goes to into the Seeds of Hope directly impacts the children we support.

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