Child Sponsorship

Seeds of Hope run a sponsorship program that supports vulnerable children in Kumi. Our sponsorship pays for school fees, equipment, and so much more, giving children a chance for a more hopeful future.

You can read about our success stories, and see the children that are currently in need of sponsorship.

We use GoCardless to process the monthly sponsorship fees – direct debit is safe and secure, and your details are securely encrypted.

Regular sponsorship for a child is £25 per month. If you are a taxpayer, we can claim Gift Aid on your donations. Please complete the Gift Aid Declaration below.

One-Off Donations

If you would like to contribute to the work we’re doing in Uganda, you can make one-off donations using the buttons below.

* Links to GoCardless to take a single one-off payment via direct debit


Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child through Seeds of Hope starts at £25 per month. This pays for school fees, equipment, uniforms, and supports children to gain an education that will give them a chance of a better future.

Other Donations

If you're not able to commit to sponsoring a child, there are plenty of other ways that you can help us. A donation of £1.50 allows us to purchase mosquito nets to help in the ongoing fight against the devastating effects of malaria in Uganda. Your donations will go towards our ongoing work in Kumi, making a difference one child at a time.

Safe Direct Debits

When we first started, we used Mission Direct for our donations. In 2018, we were registered as a charity in the UK, under the name Our Father's Heart. We process our donations using GoCardless, which is a safe and secure means of setting up a direct debit for monthly and one-off donations.

Gift Aid

If you're a UK Taxpayer, we are able to claim Gift Aid on your donations. This means that for every £1 that you donate, we can claim an additional 25p - and when every penny counts. Please complete and return our Gift Aid form to sign up.

Your Donations Matter

STREET FEEDING PROJECT: In January 2018, we visited Kumi to see the children on our program and connect with Robhina, our wonderful project manager. Whilst there, we felt called to rent a house in Kumi that is now being used to provide a feeding program for up to 15 street boys every day. Without your donations, we would never have had the opportunity to help these vulnerable boys. The boys receive a meal each day and have the opportunity to be children again.
FAMINE IN KUMI: 2017 saw the most devastating food shortages in Kumi, with several failed harvests leading to a severe famine affecting the whole community. Seeds of Hope were able to send funds that were used to purchase basic food supplies that were given out to families facing starvation. Thankfully the crisis is now over, but it reminded us how in Uganda families are only one failed harvest away from starvation.
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