Street Youth Project
Street Boys in Kumi


Since March 2018 we have been running our Street Youth project, which invites children currently living in the streets of Kumi to the Seeds of Hope building to provide them with a free daily meal. Currently over 20 boys regularly visit, with the youngest being just 6 years old. As well as hoping to reduce starvation and theft for food, Seeds of Hope aim to provide these children with mentoring and a safe place away from the streets for a few hours each day. It also provides us with an opportunity to identify children who are wanting to return to school and may benefit from being on our sponsorship programme.

Recently we have been linking in with other children’s services to see what other initiatives can be introduced to help the street youth, and from this came the idea of having regular visits from other professionals such as social services, church pastors and law enforcement officers to provide positive male role models and demonstrate to the children the range of services who care for them. In this photograph you can see Dennis, a law enforcement officer in his casual orange shirt when he came to visit during a meal time. Many of the boys recognised Dennis so were surprised to see him outside of his work clothing and sitting amongst them! He spoke to the boys about his role and interactions with street youth within his work, and opened up a conversation with them whilst offering guidance and support. The boys were all engaged throughout this, listening and joining in with the discussion.

We really appreciated Dennis visiting and are hopeful that this will be the start of a regular set up. We pray more mentors will make themselves available for a few hours to support these lost and vulnerable children, many of whom have come from exceptionally difficult backgrounds.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Street Youth project, we offer a £5 monthly donation scheme which would help us continue to provide these children one meal a day. Please feel free to get in contact with us. Thank you for your support.

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