Update 2017

2017 has been a difficult year for the people of Uganda. This year was the first, since beginning our work in Kumi, that we have been asked to intervene to help families struggling to cope with the lack of harvest and the subsequent horrors of famine.

We were devastated to be  told of a child dying for having been desperate enough to eat the cassava plant too early and thereby being poisoned, aswell as others suffering greatly from lack of nourishment.

As always we have been wonderfully supported and because of that, able to help those in the most desperate of need. Our manager in Kumi, went around distributing posho, beans and rice and at times was overwhelmed by the number of people requesting help. It is never ideal, to be giving out foods, as there will always be those we can’t help, due to the enormity of the problem, but as always we hold to our philosophy of the starfish story

Our aim was to do what we could to bridge the gap until the rains and the harvest would come, and this we have done for the immediate future. We are hopeful that with a further harvest later in the year, things can return back to normal.

Thank you again, to all of you who have supported us financially – without you there is no Seeds of Hope.


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